About me

 Me in a tree I’m a fellow who lives in beautiful Oxfordshire, with his wife and daughter. If you like, you can find out about The Sort of Thing I Like. I am the Associate Commissioning Editor for philosophy books at Wiley-Blackwell.
 Oak bowl I carved My interests and passions are numerous. I like walking in the woods, making things out of wood, taking photos of wildlife (with my completely average camera), hunting for treasure at boot sales, making my own sausages, growing my own veggies and weekend camping. More than anything, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and daughter.
 facebook-coffin_0 I committed Facebook suicide in early 2011 and I don’t regret it. Some days I plan to write a lengthy missive explaining my reasons and encouraging others to do the same. Other days, I think that might defeat the object since the point was to free up my time.
  I am one of those people who can really pull off a hat. By which I mean, put one on. I have at least five or six excellent quality hats. My advice to you is never to skimp where hats are concerned. A man cannot be happy in a cheap hat.
 Tea Appreciation Society I am a paid-up member of both the Tea Appreciation Society, and the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. But I’m not ‘that guy’. At least, I hope I’m not that guy..

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